Area Committees

If you are just getting started in service at the level of the Assembly  check out this link:  Information for New Trusted Servants


Archives Committee acquires and preserves AA and Area 50 history.


Correctional Facilities Committee assists individuals, groups, and districts in carrying the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers, especially those confined in, or recently released from jails, prisons, and other correctional facilities.


Cooperation with Professional Community meets with any group of individuals – professionals, churches, students, healthcare professionals, senior citizens, etc – that need information about what AA is and what it is not.


Grapevine Committee assists groups in Area 50 with the distribution and introduction of the Grapevine magazine.

Public Information

Working together, members of local Public Information committees convey A.A. information to the general public, including the media.

Accessibility/Special Needs

Special Needs Committee explores, develops and offers resources to make the AA message and participation in our program available to alcoholics with special needs that limit their access to the full AA experience.


The Treatment Committee offers forum to Districts for sharing their experience in carrying the AA message into Treatment facilities and coordinates Bridging the Gap activities.


The Website Committee is to coordinate development efforts, administer and maintain the Website of the Western New York Area Assembly (Area 50) of Alcoholics Anonymous, on the World Wide Web, and facilitate the anonymous use of email.