Website/IT Committee

Please consider joining this committee! We are a core group of individuals committed to enhancing the online presence of AA in Area 50, and AA in general.

We have a commitment to provide information in an organized way to promote and support service (outside the homegroup) in Area 50.

In addition we are supporting the initiatives of the Area 50 Turn the Lights On Campaign and have several goals that involve enhancing communications, and technology within Area 50 service structure and online – including email, managing this WordPress website, SMS committee reminders, volunteer forms, tracking and posting AA Events just to name a few!

If you are looking to enhance your technology skills and expand your knowledge of communications – LET US KNOW!!! No experience is needed! 

Email the Web Chair.

Area 50 - Issued Accounts

Area 50 does NOT issue ZOOM accounts to groups or districts. We only issue email accounts for Area 50 Chairs and District Committee Members (DCMs). We also can issue websites for districts.

Instructional Documents

How to use Webmail

Updating the website
* Adding Events to the Calendar
* Adding Document to Webpage

Virtual Contributions


National AA Technology Workshop
Technology in AA Online Community
Everything AA Mobile App


This document provides a road map for the operation of the Area 50 Website. Any modifications to the Web Site Guidelines must be approved by the Area 50 Committee. These Guidelines were developed using the shared experience of other Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) entities in conjunction with the A.A. Internet Guidelines.

These Guidelines may be copied, printed, disseminated or used in the operation of other A.A. related Websites, provided they do not attempt to restrict others from also using these Guidelines.
The purpose of the Website Committee is to coordinate development efforts, administer and maintain the Website of the Western New York Area Assembly (Area 50) of Alcoholics Anonymous, on the World Wide Web, and facilitate the anonymous use of email.

The Web Chair will have sole responsibility for updating the web site content. This person collects information from Area and District committee members, reviews all proposed changes with the Area Chair or designated reviewer, and updates the web site. This person also deals directly with the Web hosting service regarding technical matters and reports current status to the Area Assembly. The Area Chair, or designated substitute, is the ultimate authority, and assumes all responsibility for this web site’s content.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Area 50 Web Site is two fold: 1) to serve Area 50 A. A. members, GSR’s, DCM’s, District and Area service chairs by providing current information about Area 50 service activity and business; 2) to serve all A. A. members and the still suffering alcoholic by providing access to local (District) meeting and/or contact information, general information about Alcoholics Anonymous, and information about Area 50 events.

The changes to content of this Web Site materialize at committee speeds. Thus the site will appear rather static when compared to a News site for example. It is important to realize that those looking for meetings are directed to other A.A. entities which may assist them with more up-to date information.


This Web site, it’s registered web name and all software associated with the development and maintenance of this site are property of Area 50. In keeping with Tradition Seven of the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, Area 50 pays all fees and expenses associated with this site. Area 50 shall be named as the owner of the domain registration. The billing contact shall be the Area Treasurer. The technical contact shall be the Area 50 Web Chair. Please see the FAQ page for more information.


Information contained on this site is provided by the district and area committees within Western New York Area 50. These committees are responsible for the maintenance and accuracy of this information. Information may be submitted, changed or removed from this site by submitting the necessary information to the Area 50 Web Chair via e-mail. No telephone numbers will be listed, without the owners expressed permission. In order to avoid the appearance of endorsement or affiliation with any outside entities, the web site events calendar will list only events directly related to Area 50 activities.

Meeting Guide

Meeting Guide App
Meeting Guide Servant Site
Meeting Guide Help Docs
History of the Meeting Guide App (Box 4-5-9)
AAWS Letter about Licensing Meeting Guide


Names of individuals, or individual phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses will not be published in any content of this site.


Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. has not approved, endorsed, or reviewed this web site, nor is it affiliated with it, and the ability to link to A.A.W.S.’ site does not imply otherwise. No copyrighted material shall be purposefully posted herein without the express permission of those individuals or institutions possessing ownership of said copyrights. Alcoholics Anonymous®, AA®, and The Big Book® are registered trademarks of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc., The Grapevine®, and AA Grapevine® are registered trademarks of The AA Grapevine, Inc.