Archives Committee

__CURRENT GroupHistories_02May2016[1]-1The Archives committee is enhancing your Archives collection and we need your help.

Current List of Area 50 Group Histories from General Service Office that are located with the Archives as of May 2, 2016

We are asking groups in Area 50 to take pictures of your home group (meeting place).

For example, please send photos of the building, your entrance, literature table, where you have your coffee pot – a few photos that would identify your meeting place.

Remember no photos of members.

These photos will be saved for posterity, and will also be used for an Archives presentation to be announced at a future date.

So please help us to include your home group in our presentation.

You can drop them off or mail them to:

Central Office
Attn: Archives
681 Seneca St. (lower)
Buffalo, NY 14210

Or better yet you can bring them to an Archives meeting and see what’s going on, and how we are trying to better your Archives collection. We meet the second Saturday of every month at Buffalo central office at 10:00am at the office listed above.

“Whenever a society or civilization perishes there is always one condition present, they forgot where they came from.”

-Carl Sandburg

Thank you,
Your Area 50 Archives Committee