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2024_01_29Jan: Much thanks to District 6/7 Kristy F. and District 15 Matt C. for getting their meeting list back to me so quickly! Only a couple questions about those 2 lists are outstanding now.  Our dear Sandy sent out a message to all 94 emails of last panel, and while I've gotten 15 responses to those, only one so far was not already in the system!  We are progressing.

2024_01_24Jan: My first sense of real accomplishment happened tonight, with the 9 DCMs officially all in the GSO system, and a bit over half of my issues sent to GSO resolved.

So far, 94 Groups have been updated (2 were New, 41 confirmed to be Active, 36 confirmed to be Inactive, with 16 more sent to GSO to be made Active so I can attach their GSRs to them.

And to DCMC Jeff, and our DCM's Sandy, Bob, Genie, Bill, Kristy, Time, Matt, Joe and Norm, thank you for your time and efforts. To the folks in Districts 15+20 willing to do the work our DCMs are doing, thank you also!

And to the incredible GSR Education team - such outstanding ladies that have such patience with me - thank you for such diligence!

Someone asked if there's a District Committee Member list and I'm so proud to put this here!

Position For      Service Position                         Name                Email
District 01 DCM - District Comm Member Sandy B.
District 03 DCM - District Comm Member Bob C.
District 04 DCM - District Comm Member Genie E.
District 05 DCM - District Comm Member Bill J.
District 06 DCM - District Comm Member Kristy F.
District 11 DCM - District Comm Member Tim H.
District 15 DCM - District Comm Member Matt C.
District 16 DCM - District Comm Member Joe B.
District 18 DCM - District Comm Member Norm L. p74district18&

2024_01_11Jan: FIRST NEW GROUP ENTERED!!! Go District 19 for finding that SHERMAN GROUP was never registered with GSO! Next is the loads of new GSRs!  This is SO EXCITING!

2024_01_06Jan: My intention is to keep here a list of all groups that DO HAVE CURRENT INFORMATION as soon as I have formulated a list.

Might also include my latest reports here as well for those who might have questions with the current status. At the moment I'm just thrilled to have a mountain of change forms to enter per yesterday's first assembly. Since there's just three more assemblies this year, a lot of this work will have to be done one on one, so please feel free to contact me if you have anything you believe I should know. And a bit of patience with this new beloved job of mine! SO EXCITING to be part of Panel 74 - and to see Amy chairing! YES!

With gratitude for your confidence in my diligence! Lila M. Panel 74 Registrar!!!!!

Five Assemblies where I'll be IN PERSON: