Area 50 Contacts

In support of our 12th Tradition anonymous links are provided and email will be forwarded to the correct person.  If you are concerned with breaking your anonymity, you may send email without identification.  Please refer to your email client for instructions on how to do this.

If you wish to contact AA immediately, please look up your local Central Office phone number or use other links provided on the site.

Note to Fellowship Members: If you find errors on any page, have suggestions or other questions/information (page improvements, meeting changes/additions/closing, out of area AA sanctioned events etc.) please contact the webmaster with details. Thank you!

If you have any news or information that is relevant to Area 50 please let us know via email. If we don’t know something is wrong, we cannot correct it!

Announcements for local AA events should be sent to the web committee chair for consideration ensuring it follows the current guidelines for inclusion on this website. Please include any flyers in .pdf format for ease of posting. Refer to the Online PDF Converter website for a free Online PDF-Converter.