Accessibility Committee

Accessibilities committees assist A.A. members who have a variety of challenges to accessing the A.A. message in A.A. meetings, Twelve Step work, and other A.A. services.

How We Serve:

This committee serves to meet the special needs of the disabled members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our members include:

  • Committee members from each group.
  • District-committee chairperson.
  • Area Committee chairperson.

Handling of a Special Need:

When a need arises that an individual member can’t handle: Individual A.A. member contacts Central Services or a committee member.

For example, to provide an interpreter for a meeting or workshop or to provide tapes or other special resources or assistance to a member.

District or Area committee members contact and assist the disabled member or newcomer.

Who We Serve

  • Physically disabled
  • Deaf & hearing impaired
  • Blind & visually impaired
  • Learning or reading impaired
  • Seniors & homebound
  • Members dealing with a language barrier
  • Single parents requiring child care

How We Serve

  • Provide interpreters for meetings and events.
  • Provide Braille A.A. literature and programs for special needs.
  • Assist the physically disabled at events; provide rides in special cases.
  • Encourage wheel-chair accessible meetings and events.
  • Encourage Big Book tape study meetings in each district.
  • Encourage groups to provide childcare.
  • Update special-needs information in meeting directories.
  • Bring meetings into the home, hospital or long-term care facilities.
  • Encourage districts and groups to support regular meetings in special needs facilities.
  • Provide literature and hold workshops on special needs.
  • Explore other special needs; work with GSO and other districts and areas.

For more information please contact the Accessibility Chair