Delegate’s News

Delegate's News

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This Digital A.A. Press Kit includes information about Alcoholics Anonymous in the U.S/Canada Service Structure.  The goal of the press kit is to answer questions and provide information about Alcoholics Anonymous for the media, professionals, and the general public. Please email for any questions.
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Files from Hank attached as discussed on Saturday at our Post-Conference Assembly - and a quick listing of Conference Agenda Items you want to know about (for example, see Advisory Actions file page 3 for item#9 about the Mental Health Pamphlet to be developed). Remember that MOST issues are to be created/developed and brought to next conference (next April) for approval. 

71st_GSC_AdvisoryActions(English)REV10May21_(AnonymityFixed).pdf Click HERE

71st_GSC_CommitteeConsiderations(English)_(AnonymityChkd).pdf Click HERE

Hank's Delegate Presentation: AA in a Time of Change.pdf Click HERE

PresentationTrusteeFrancis_AA in a Time of Change.pdf Click HERE

NOTE from Hank: I realized that I left out two important Conference Advisory Actions from my PowerPoint presentation. Two Recommendations from the Conference Committee on Policy and Admissions, and how the Conference dealt with them:

1. Recommendation: Recognize online groups in the general service structure and encourage their participation; list the online groups in the area and district the group prefers; the default area and district would be where the group's primary contact resides.
     First vote: 85-46 (65%; fails for lack of substantial unanimity)
     Minority opinion/Motion for Reconsideration: 106-22
     Final vote: 107-22 (85%; passes)
2: Recommendation: General Service Board form a Committee to explore possibilities for participation of online groups:
     Vote: 125-5 (96%; passes)
Members please note this is my description of the Recommendations is my own summary. Actual text of the Recommendations is found in the Advisory Actions in the PDF already posted . 
Thanks to all for your service!!!       God bless, Hank


IN OTHER NEWS: Announcement about the new General Manager - our dear friend Bob W., former "Trustee-At-Large US" that visited us May 6th 2017 to speak at our Area 50 Archives Breakfast has accepted the position of General Manager of our General Service Office effective June 1, 2021.