Turn the Lights On

Turn the Lights On

Area 50 has an ongoing campaign to “Turn the Lights On” for general service in Area 50.  The Area committee has been leading this effort, and general service has begun a comeback in our Area.

Why is Area 50 considered dark?

The service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous divides the US and Canada into 93 Areas. Area 50 (Western New York) has been considered a “dark” Area for many years. Most groups in our Area don’t communicate with each other or work together. Many of us read about service work beyond the home group but don’t see how that operates in our area. Many don’t know why service outside of the AA home group is important!

The Area committee, has summarized: what general service is, why our area is a dark area, the suggestions of the strategic planning committee, how you can help, and how you can learn more in the document summary statement.

Read the Area Committee Summary Statement

This “Turning the Lights On” effort has involved work by an ad hoc strategic planning committee.  Since last Fall, the strategic planning committee has generated three reports.

The First Report deals with the basics of general service, reflecting Bill W.’s vision of general service as the “most vital” aspect of our third Legacy of Service, why Bill believed general service is so important, and his vision for how general service works as laid out in the AA Service Manual.  View First Report

The Second Report reviews the fact that general service has not been functioning well in our Area for several years, and how our Area has become a “dark area” as a result.  This Report discusses some of the possible reasons for this dysfunction and the initial efforts to “turn the lights on.”  The report also suggests six goals for consideration, that could guide our efforts in “Turning the Lights On, Phase II.”  View Second Report

The Third Report summarizes the first two and provides practical suggestions for addressing the  six goals suggested in the Second Report.  View Third Report

The Area committee has begun a review of these Reports.  The committee has enthusiastically endorsed outreach to the groups and members in Area 50, asking for input on how best to continue “Turning the Lights On.”

Please join our efforts to restore the health of this “most vital aspect” of our program in our Area, and insure that AA continues to flourish in Western New York!