Preparing for the General Service Conference

Area 50 is in the process of helping our Delegate prepare for the 70th Annual General Service Conference. As part of this preparation, we want to support the efforts of all home groups in Area 50 to develop an informed group conscience regarding the major items on the Conference Agenda.

This page is designed to assist our home groups by providing links to documents that should help in developing a group conscience. For more information or assistance, please contact our Chair, Lila M. (; our Delegate Hank K. (; or our Alternate Delegate Denise M. (

For the General Service Conference Agenda, click here.

For links to the background material for the Conference Agenda items, organized by Conference Committee, please contact the Area 50 Secretary, Sue B., at

Fellowship members in Area 50 have volunteered to help summarize much of this background material. To see the summaries prepared in Area 50, click here.

Other Areas have also prepared summaries.

  • For a summary prepared by Area 47 (Central New York), click here.
  • For a spreadsheet summary prepared by Area 14 (North Florida), click here.
  • For an overview of the Conference, along with a summary of the Agenda items, prepared by Area 14, click here.
  • For a summary prepared by Area 6 (CNCA – California Northern Coastal Area), click here.

The Northeast Regional AA Service Assembly (NERAASA) traditionally conducts Panels on the major Conference topics. This year, NERAASA conducted six Panels, covering what the NERAASA organizers felt were the Conference topics of greatest interest to the Fellowship.

The NERAASA agenda is a good tool for organizing the Conference agenda into categories. To see the NERAASA agenda, click here.

This year, groups of Districts in Area 50 are hosting workshops that will cover select items from the Conference agenda, in order to help the groups and members develop an informed group conscience.

The first workshop will be held Saturday, March 7th, from 1-4 PM at the Hope Center in Amherst. For the flyer for this workshop, click here.

The second workshop will be held Sunday, March 8th, from 1-4 PM at the South Creek Campus of the Watermark Wesleyan Church in Eden. For the flyer for this workshop, click here.

Finally, Area 50 will be holding its Pre-Conference Assembly on Saturday, March 28th, at the Historic Holy Trinity Church, 1419 Falls Rd. in Niagara Falls, starting at 10 AM. The purpose of this Assembly will be to discuss the major items on the Conference Agenda and develop a group conscience for the Area that will assist our Delegate.

When a flyer is issued for the Pre-Conference Assembly, it will be posted here.

We hope these links will help the groups and members in Area 50 develop a group conscience on the major Conference agenda items and participate in the Pre-Conference Assembly on an informed basis. Please contact us with any questions at the email addresses above!


Save the Dates!

Saturday March 7, 1-4 PM

Your AA: Your Voice

Hope Center

781 Maple Rd., Amherst

  • Pre Pre Conference Panel
  • Topics and Speakers to follow
  • Issues that affect AA Today

Download Flyer

Sunday March 8, 1-4 PM

Your AA: Your Voice

Watermark Wesleyan South Campus

2063 South Creek Rd., Eden, NY 14057

  • Pre-Conference Workshop
  • Hot topics & speakers to follow
  • Issues that affect AA today

Download Flyer