Preparing for GSC

Preparing for the General Service Conference

Developing Area 50’s Group Conscience for the 70th General Service Conference – Resources

In keeping with our Third Legacy of Service, the home groups in Area 50 have a responsibility to develop a group conscience regarding the major items on the agenda for the 70th annual General Service Conference.

At this Conference, Delegates from all 93 Areas across the US and Canada meet with the Trustees of AA’s General Service Board and representatives of AA’s major operating arms to discuss and resolve issues affecting the Fellowship as a whole.

Responsibility for these issues rests ultimately with the home groups. We need to develop an Area-wide group conscience on these issues to inform our Delegate as he participates in the Conference.

This page contains links to resources that will help our Area and its home groups develop an informed group conscience on these issues.

  • Our Delegate has prepared a Pre-Conference Report providing an overview of the Conference and the steps we will take in Area 50 in light of the coronavirus pandemic. To see a copy of this Report, click here.
  • Our Delegate has also prepared a Pre-Conference Questionnaire addressing the major items on the Conference agenda. We encourage members and home groups in Area 50 to fill out this Questionnaire and return it to the Delegate, using the resources on this page to become informed on the issues. For a copy of this Questionnaire, click here.
  • For the full General Service Conference agenda, click here. (There are over 90 items on the Conference agenda. Not all items are covered in the Questionnaire. There is space on the Questionnaire to address items not covered if you are interested.)
  • There are over 1,100 pages of background information for the Conference agenda items. A group of Area 50 volunteers has prepared a summary of this background information. You can use this Summary to help develop an informed group conscience. For the Area 50 Summary, click here.
  • Many other Areas prepare their own summaries of the background information, or other resources to help develop an informed group conscience. We have included links to a sampling of this material.
    • For a summary prepared by Area 47 (Central New York), click here.
    • For a spreadsheet summary prepared by Area 14 (North Florida), click here.
    • For a slidedeck overview of the Conference, along with a summary of the Agenda items, prepared by Area 14, click here.
    • For a summary prepared by Area 6 (CNCA – California Northern Coastal Area), click here.


  • Topic 8 A on our Questionnaire addresses AA’s use of “new technologies” to help carry the AA message. AA’s “communications strategy” was addressed in an audit report delivered to the General Service Board in 2018 by Impact Collaborative, a communications consulting firm. For a copy of the abridged version of this Report, click here.

We will update this page from time to time as new information becomes available. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or comments, please contact our Delegate, Hank K, at or (716) 866-1020, or our Alternate Delegate Denise M at or (716) 864-2990.

Thank you for your service!

Quick Links

  1. Pre-Conference Report
  2. **Pre-Conference Questionnaire
  3. Full GSC Agenda
  4. Area 50 Summary
  5. Area 47 Summary
  6. Area 14 Summary
  7. Area 14 Slidedeck
  8. Area 6 Summary
  9. Impact Collaborative Report

** Questionnaire downloads as a Microsoft Word document (.docx). Please remember to save the document on your computer before returning to