Q. Was this Web site put together with any guidance?

A. This site developed in accordance with A.A. Internet Guidelines.

Q. How will we inform members?

A. Visit WNY Area 50 Website

Q. Why does WNY need a web site?

A. Public information has always been an aspect of AA service ever since the Big Book was published in 1939. A web site continues this tradition, employing the most modern methods of communication. The experience of other AA Areas has shown that a web site can be helpful in improving communication, increasing service participation, and strengthening unity, as well as facilitating our tradition of cooperation with the professional community.

Q. How much will the WNY web site cost each month?

A. The main costs that are involved are for reserving the domain name (www.area50wny.org), which costs $70 for two years, and for hosting site, which costs about $30 a month, depending on the capabilities of the web site. Designing the site is another expense, although right now members of the Area 50 Web site Committee are volunteering to do that work. However there could be some expenses for software tools that may be needed to help design and maintain the site.

Q. What can I find on the WNY web site?

A. That is up to the WNY Committee and Assembly. It takes time to develop a web site-right now, you will find basic information about AA and Area 50 activity, such as how to contact us, descriptions of what our officers and committees do, also information and directions to upcoming events, information for new GSR’s, and a glossary of AA service terminology.

Q. Can I visit the WNY Web site from my office? Will I break my anonymity if I do?

A. You can probably visit the WNY web site from almost any computer that is connected to the internet. However, if you do so from your office computer, chances are that your employer will have a record that you have visited the site.

Q. Will the WNY web site be in both English and Spanish?

A. Ultimately, the web site should be accessible to Spanish-speaking members of AA, but it may take some time before we fully accomplish this.

Q. How will information get onto the WNY web site? Who’s responsible for it?

A. Currently, the WNY Website Committee is responsible to the WNY Committee for operating the web site within the guidelines that are approved by the WNY Committee.

Can I protect my anonymity when visiting the WNY and other AA web sites?

A. Privacy on the internet is a big issue today. Some people are more concerned about it than others and will seek out specific remedies to guard their privacy (such as special computer programs or using computers at libraries or internet cafes).Although each of us has to make decisions regarding privacy and anonymity for ourselves, it makes sense to use the same caution on the internet that we use in dealing with any other public forum.

Q. Can I get copies of AA literature from the Area 50 web site?

A. No. AA literature is copyrighted by AAWS. However you may be redirected to an A.A. web site that allows downloading.

Q. Will I be able to go directly from the Area 50 Web site to other web sites? Will I end up at non-AA sites?

A. The only web sites you can go to from the WNY web site are the GSO site (www.aa.org), Grapevine site (www.aagrapevine.org) and Central Offices or Convention Web Sites.

Q. What kind of computer do I need to access the Area 50 Web site, and will people with special needs be able to use it?

A. Any computer with a reasonable up-to-date browser (such as Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari) will be able to access the web site. In the near future, we intend to make our web site compliant with “Bobby”, the standard for special needs browsers.

Q. If people can get to AA on the Internet, why will they bother going to meetings?

A. Just as the telephone and the printed page haven’t replaced meetings, neither will the internet. Although technology can improve communications methods, nothing can match face-to-face contact. Also, there are those with special needs who simply cannot easily attend regular face-to-face meetings.

If you have any questions about the Area 50 Web site and would like them to be addressed in future FAQ sheets, please contact the Area 50 Web chair by e-mail.