Treasurer Responsibilities

The duties of the Area Treasurer are to receive contributions from the Groups and other A.A. sources. The Treasurer will also maintain records of all monies received, maintain savings and checking accounts for depositing all receipts, and make disbursements as determined by the Area Committee. The Area Treasurer shall arrange for preparation of the annual Federal and State income tax reports (If necessary), and ensure that our “not-for-profit” status with the government remains current at all times.

  • The Area Treasurer will appoint a Deputy Treasurer.
  • The Area Committee will have a signature card signed by the Treasurer, the Co-Chair and the Area Delegate.
  • The Treasurer will report the condition of the Area Treasury to the Area Assembly at all meetings.
  • The treasurer will coordinate the preparation and presentation of a proposed budget to the Area Assembly at the second Assembly of each calendar year.
  • Each Committee member, with the exception of the D.C.M.’s, will submit an annual written expense report to the Treasurer detailing the expenditure of funds received from the Area Treasurer no later than January 15th annually, in accordance with the Area 50 Procedure Guide.


The private address for sending group contributions to the Area Treasurer is:

5999 S Park Ave, Suite 103
Hamburg, NY 14075

For more information about where our money goes, or to request a Treasurers Report please contact the Area 50 Treasurer.

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