Find Service That Excites You!

Service opportunities you may not know about.

Our general service area represents the bridge between the groups of Western NY and it’s 8 counties with the rest of our beloved fellowship. Without this connection, we would have no way to participate in AA’s wider decision-making and service structure. This connective tissue, however, is not only large-scale “business meetings”. There are a wealth of service opportunities beyond the group level that you may not know about. We hope you discover some here that inspire you to get involved.

Accessibility/Special Needs

  • Coordinate workshops to educate AA members on serving those with diverse needs.
  • Help improve the accuracy of the wheelchair-accessible designations in meeting lists.
  • Bring a meeting to a homebound or hospitalized member.
  • Speak about AA at schools for the blind, the deaf, and developmentally disabled.


  • Collect, catalogue and preserve our history.
  • Display our archives at AA events.

Cooperation with Professionals

  • Speak about AA to professionals who have contact with alcoholics (school counselors, judges, social workers, clergy, etc).
  • Get training (and help train others) on how to speak at non-AA meetings.
  • Spend time with a doctor and bring them to an open meeting to help them understand AA.


  • Help bring a meeting into a correctional facility.
  • Help make AA literature available in correctional facilities.
  • Correspond with inmates reaching out for help.
  • Take an inmate to a meeting when they’re released.

General Service Representative

The General Service Representative is perhaps the most important role in AA. If your group doesn’t have a GSR already, consider bringing it up at your next business meeting. It is through the GSR that each group has a voice and a vote in larger AA matters. This connection helps keep AA unified, both in a practical sense and spiritually. We wouldn’t last long as a fellowship if it weren’t for the service of GSRs.
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Grapevine (Literature, incl. La Viña)

  • Make AA literature available at events within Area 50
    Raise awareness within SENY about the Grapevine/La Viña (our “meeting-in-print”) as a tool of recovery.
    Encourage members to contribute to the Grapevine/La Viña.
    Email The Literature + Grapevine

Public Information

  • Speak to high school and college students about AA.
  • Make sure AA literature is available in public libraries (the Big Book is stolen more than any other book!).
  • Coordinate informational outreach like radio PSAs.
  • Speak about AA at workshops for the public, or at health fairs.

Treatment Facilities

  • Help bring a meeting or literature into treatment facilities, like rehabs, detoxes, outpatient centers, and hospitals.
  • Bring people who have finished treatment to a meeting when they get out.


  • Help with web & graphic design.
  • Help with updating events, page content using the WordPress environment.
  • Help with copy writing & content management.
  • Support Area 50 Secretaries with email service application.
  • Email setup and support for Area Chairs