Find a Meeting in Area 50

We provide links to the Central Office/Intergroups of Alcoholics Anonymous within the 22 districts of Area 50, to service the person who is trying to find a meeting.  Each Central Office/Intergroup is self-supporting and responsible for maintenance of meeting lists respective their region.  If you find meeting information that is incorrect please contact the Central Office/Intergroup directly.

The following is a list of Central Office/Intergroup sites in Area 50 that have meeting information available.

Buffalo Central Office
Niagara Intergroup
NY-Penn Intergroup
Genesee-Wyoming Intergroup





If you find any information provided above to be incorrect please use respective contacts to report opportunities for us to improve. If you find any outdated or incorrect information on this page contact the Area 50 Web Chair.

In an effort to maintain adherence to the Traditions and Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous, Area 50 does not endorse, sponsor, or have any opinion about these and other web sites, or the web sites that they may link to.