The Convention Committee Chairperson is responsible to the Area Chairperson as per the definition of responsibilities in the Convention Guidelines*. The Convention Committee Chairperson will appoint an Alternate Chairperson and other appropriate committee chairpersons, who together will form the Convention Committee…. from the Area 50 Procedure Guide

The convention chair oversees the entire convention. They are in charge of choosing chairpersons for the various committees and making sure each committee is fulfilling it’s duties. The chair also has the obligation to remove and replace committee chairs if they are not performing their duties.  The chair keeps in contact with the convention facility and keeps them informed of our needs and keeps the committee informed of the facilities needs such as programs,banquets,seating,etc. The chair is responsible for calling and chairing committee meetings on a regular basis and overseeing each committee. The chairman is also responsible for making sure that the guidelines are followed and the convention and the committee remain within the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you would like more information, (perhaps you are interested in hosting the next State Convention) please contact Area 50 Convention Chair.

If you or your district is interested in bidding on an upcoming Convention, you may download the Area 50 Convention Guidelines by clicking on the following link: